• Secure and Manage Your Printouts in One Solution
  • Manage and Control All of Your Printouts
  • Securely Manage Printed Documents
  • Fasoo ePrint provides you with a safe and efficient printing environment
    The average employee prints about 10,000 pages a year and 17% of them are pages the employee did not intend to print. This not only leads to high printing costs but also to data breaches from printing sensitive information.

With protective measures and cost cutting capabilities, Fasoo ePrint provides an effective yet secure print management solution. If Fasoo ePrint detects sensitive information in a document, a predefined policy can block printing. It controls and traces printed documents on your existing MFPs, so you can continue to use your current output devices.

When used with Fasoo Enterprise DRM solutions, it extends the security area and provides stronger protection for personal information maintained within companies.