Fasoo Mobile Solution secures the data itself and controls access to your server for complete BYOD security.

More and more employees are using personal devices for work, regardless of their organisation’s official BYOD policy. This is especially dangerous for businesses and their confidential data when considering that in 2013:

  • 67% have admitted to using personal devices at work, regardless of the office’s official BYOD policy
  • $7 million worth of phones had been lost everyday around the world
  • 50% of smartphone and tablet users have said that they don’t password protect their devices.

It’s undeniable that more employees are going to use their mobile devices for work regardless of the policy, so the question is not whether you should allow BYOD, but how you can make sure that the data remains safe from exposure with BYOD.

When allowing BYOD in your company, there are a number of security related questions that must be asked:
  1. Is the data on your mobile device safe the way it is?
  2. Is the connection between the server and mobile device secure?
  3. Is the access from your mobile device to server controlled?
  4. Is your mobile screen protected?
  5. Are you securely sharing files with others?

Some of the conventional mobile solutions such as MDM (Mobile Device Management), which manages, monitors and secures the mobile device, and MAM (Mobile Application Management), which manages all the applications and application data, are not enough to confidently answer yes to all the questions. MDM and MAM do address security by managing and controlling the device or the specific files at rest. However, once the device is unlocked and the data is in use, there may be no way to prevent the data from being leaked to the wrong hands.

The only way to confidently answer ‘yes’ to all these security related questions is Mobile Data and Access Management (MDAM), the only complete BYOD security system. Since data keeps moving outside the device or application, the key is securing the data itself and controlling access to your server.

Fasoo Mobile Solution extends secure file access to allow people to communicate and collaborate through smartphones and tablets. It provides businesses with the ability to persistently secure, control and trace sensitive files on mobile devices.

It is the only solution to provide MDAM, which delivers protection for stored mobile and network data, server access control, mobile screen protection and secure sharing of files.

  • In 2011, Fasoo was awarded with the ‘2011 Global Digital Rights Management Competitive Strategy Innovation of the Year’ from global research and consulting company, Frost and Sullivan
  • In 2010, Fasoo was referenced as one of the “Global Top 6 DRM Companies” in an Aberdeen Group Report
  • In 2010, Fasoo was the only Asian company to be referred as one of the “Global Enterprise DRM Top 7 Vendors’ from, world renowned global research & consulting company, Gartner.