Now you can share your files securely with anyone. You no longer have to worry about sharing your files externally. FSE lets you share your sensitive files securely through email, FTP, USB flash drives, the cloud and more.

Business relationships require cooperation through partnerships, outsourcing, and collaboration with many different organisations. Sensitive files are shared outside of the company through email, cloud-based sharing services, FTP, and other portable media. The threat of unwanted information disclosure is real and the potential impact this makes on a company is devastating. The need for security measures for files shared with outside parties has become critical to an organisation’s security plan.

When a file is shared externally, FSE ensures a secure exchange of information, which guarantees that files are shared with only the intended recipients. The sender can decide who can access sensitive files and what permissions they have for using them, such as View, Edit or Print. Persistent security remains in place and provides the sender with assurance that these files are secure.

Even when files are unintentionally sent to the wrong parties, a sender can revoke future access to them. All actions are logged future analysis providing piece of mind.

Not only can Fasoo prevent information from being leaked to the wrong people through sharing with external parties, but also provide diverse security and management solutions for secure printouts, files downloaded from your repository, mobile devices, documents created on a PC, and more through file encryption.