• Secure Files Created from Your PC
  • Ensure the Security of All Files Saved on Your PC
  • FSN lets you secure sensitive files saved on your PC

Are you concerned about your files getting wrong hands, leaving sensitive information exposed? Employees create many files on PCs containing sensitive information and share them throughout the organisation. The only sure way to prevent sensitive information from exposure through hacking or when laptops are stolen or lost is to secure the files upon creation.

Even if files are lost or get into the wrong hands, unauthorised access is prevented and sensitive information is not exposed. Since files are automatically secured as they are saved, you can be assured that no one can access files leaked through any unauthorised disclosure to people inside or outside your organisation.

Fasoo secures files that are created and saved using standard applications such as Microsoft Office, CAD, Adobe Photoshop, and more; this includes applications that create PDF files.

Not only can Fasoo prevent information getting into the wrong hands after saving them on your PC, but also provide diverse security and management solutions for for secure printouts, files downloaded from your repository, mobile devices, and more.