A single data protection infrastructure for your entire environment

These days, data security breaches are more common than ever and more expensive. Global studies show that the average total cost of a data breach is now USD3.8 million. What’s more, the loss of trade secrets, product designs or other intellectual property can spell financial ruin for an organization. Because of its value, sensitive data is at the core of business interactions—which also makes it a highly attractive target for attack. IBM Security Guardium is designed to safeguard critical data, wherever it resides. This comprehensive data protection platform empowers security teams to automatically analyze what is happening across the data environment to help minimize risk, protect sensitive information.
IBM Security® Guardium® helps ensure the security, privacy and integrity of your critical data across a full range of environments—from databases to big data, cloud, file systems and more.

Why IBM Security Guardium

  1. Analyze your data risk to automatically discover and classify sensitive data, uncover usage patterns and assess compliance risks.

  2. Protect your critical data using extensive audit capabilities, use of encryption, masking, redaction, and dynamic blocking and alerting.

  3. Seamlessly adapt to changes by supporting traditional and new data technologies, such as Hadoop, noSQL and cloud.

The Guardium suite of products include: