Oil & Gas

Leading oil and gas companies are experiencing increasing negative consequences as a result of the loss of important information, which can be the result of negligence on the part of staff or targeted attacks. These pose threats to a company’s material and non-material assets.

InfoWatch solutions for common problems faced by Oil and Gas companies and the results obtained by introducing these solutions

By using InfoWatch solutions, companies will obtain:

  • a package for monitoring information assets, allowing them to effectively identify and reliably manage sensitive information at all stages of its storage, processing and transmission;
  • an assessment of existing and potential vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure;
  • assistance with incidents involving leaks of confidential information (intellectual property, personal data, plans, reports, etc.);
  • an analysis of their business processes to determine the primary cause of data losses at the process level;
  • a regular report for the company’s management on the current status of content paths for data transmission within the corporate network and detailed recommendations to improve the level of protection for information assets.