Telecommunications companies own a lot of intellectual property: user profiles, network diagrams, source code, plans for mergers and acquisitions, emails, text messages, pricing policies, etc. Such data is capable of ‘exploding’ the market if it falls into the wrong hands.

The source of income for any communications operator is its clients, the company’s most valuable asset. The company’s future within this competitive market depends on the number of subscribers and their level of satisfaction with the services offered. It is possible to prevent the likely move of subscribers to a different operator by improving the quality of client services and reacting quickly to client complaints, which, these days, most often find their outlet on the Internet.

A very different solution is required in cases where clients are encouraged to switch to a competitor as a result of a targeted campaign promising special offers. The obvious reason for such interest in subscribers from a different company, in most cases, is a direct leak of personal data from an operator’s database.

Telecommunications companies using InfoWatch solutions are able to:

  • prevent illegal sharing of subscribers’ personal data;
  • identify instances where employees are not complying with instructions for working with personal data;
  • prevent leaks of confidential data;
  • identify perpetrators of espionage;
  • improve the quality of service to subscribers, and win their loyalty.

By using InfoWatch traffic monitor and InfoWatch Endpoint Security, it is possible for a company not only to monitor and analyse what is happening on the Web, but also to proactively build their reputation through daily engagement with their online audience, primarily through social media: replying to questions and complaints, responding to negative reviews, winning client loyalty and building a positive reputation in order to attract new subscribers.