InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is a centralized solution for preventing confidential data leaks and thus eliminating financial losses.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Benefits

  • High performance even when supporting organizations with 300 000 employees or more.
  • Ready-to-use industry solutions based on the nature of business processes in financial organizations, telecommunications and insurance companies, public agencies, energy companies, etc.
  • Ease of use: can be used by HR and legal departments, marketing professionals, managers, etc.
  • Precise identification of intruders and calling them to account.
  • Modular architecture: you pay for the features you need.

Tasks addressed

  • Reduce the company’s financial and reputational risks caused by leaks and mitigate the results of such leaks.
  • Prevent data leaks without interrupting business processes by preventing data from being sent via email, web services or social media, from being copied to USB flash drives, etc.
  • Control employee operations in business apps, preventing retrieval of confidential data in digital or printed form.
  • Collect evidence for incidents investigation.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor protects your company from internal threats such as:

  1. Insider Activities
  2. Conspiracies
  3. Poaching Clients
  4. Identifying corrupt schemes
  5. Industrial Espionage
  6. Theft of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  7. Disloyal employees
  8. Employees working for competitors