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Key benefits
• Protect enterprise apps with containerization
• Increase employee productivity and satisfaction
• Centrally manage mobile apps with web-based console
• Safely support BYOD
• Reduce risk of sensitive data leakage
• Enforce on-device access control and compliance with policies and regulations
• Perform selective wipe of app catalog and managed apps
• Use granular administrative controls and interactive, graphical reports
• Reduce network load and increase app performance and scalability

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Smartphones and tablets are transforming businesses by increasing productivity, improving efficiencies and enhancing customer satisfaction. However, the proliferation of mobile devices can’t be left unchecked without securing sensitive enterprise data, especially in this bring your own device (BYOD) era.
It’s no longer just about controlling email and managing devices. Mobile apps are unleashing the true potential of mobile devices.
However, mobile apps are increasingly sources of corporate security vulnerabilities due to poor data storage practices, malware, unauthorized access, lack of encryption, and data leaks from synching.
There are over a million distinct mobile apps available for your employees to install and use on their smartphones and tablets.1
Enterprises need the power to distribute, manage and secure mobile apps critical to their business on both personal and corporate-owned devices.
IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Application Management simplifies mobile application management by delivering an intuitive enterprise app catalog with robust security and operational lifecycle management of apps.


Enterprise application catalog
• Provide an intuitive, customizable enterprise app catalog for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices
• Deliver an exceptional user experience
• Instantly help enable users to view available apps, install apps and be alerted to update apps
• Distribute a selection of public and enterprise apps
• Use a protected, web-based console for managing and

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