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for businesses from 5 to 25 000+ employees

Insider Threat Detection

User Behavior Analysis Alert on Anomalies or Incidents Threat Detection at an Early Stage Incident Investigation Tools

Employee Monitoring

Work Time Tracking Productivity Measurement All Activity Tracking Absence monitoring

Remote Admin

Remote desktop and control Website Blocking Without Proxy Lock Apps on Windows Software and Hardware Inventory

StaffCop Enterprise on-permise software that makes your business safe and secure

StaffCop provides a unique, fully integrated solution that focuses on detection and response to insider threats through a combination of advanced behavioral analysis and context-rich logging of insider activity.

  • Helps reduce the risks of data leakages and loss of reputation
  • Gives transparency to workflows
  • Allows you to see your business processes in reality
  • Quick return on investments & minimum maintenance cost
  • Easy Deployment

StaffCop Enterprise records every detail


Archives every email sent or received using corporate mail and sent via webmail such as Gmail with all file attachments.

Chat & IM

Records a complete copy of both sides of chat and instant messaging conversations.

Website Activity

Tracking websites visited, search queries, social networking activities and exact time of activity.

Network Activity

Tracking network connection applications with the time and address of connections. Capture files sent via ftp or uploaded to cloud repositories.

File & Document Track

Track activities on local, removable, and cloud repositories as well as print operations. See when files are created, edited, deleted, or renamed. Creation of shadow copies.

Applications Usage

Know when an application was used, what was done while opened and how much time is was used by the application.

Screen Capture

StaffCop can take screenshots of the desktop at specific intervals, when changing the active window and also record a continuous video screen.


Capture communication activities within traditional email clients as well as many popular webmail services and have a searchable system of record that can be alerted and reported on.

Mic Recording

Hear what happens in the office through microphones connected to computers. This feature helps to reveal fraud.

92% of companies detect serious violations when testing StaffCop


StaffCop provides a unique, fully integrated solution that focuses on detection and response to insider threats through a combination of advanced behavioral analysis and context-rich logging of insider activity.

Collect all activity events at the end points for subsequent analysis, notifications and decision making.

Automatic and statistical analysis of data to detect anomalies of user behavior, identify incidents, insiders and disloyal employees.

Automatic alerts about violations of security policies, dangerous and unproductive activities of employees.

Pre-configured & self-made reports width periodic e-mail sending. You can easily create reports with a powerful constructor.

Blocking access to “negative” sites, running applications and removable USB-storages to reduces the risk of malware infection and increase employee productivity.

Search for all data on keywords and regular expressions. Easy correlation & drill down allows you to find data cleared from noise in a few clicks.

Automatic Work Time Tracking

StaffCop Enterprise logs the beginning and the end of each employee’s workday including lunch and coffee breaks, etc. It enables executives and supervisors to improve discipline at the workplace and reduce idle and non productive periods.

  • Daily PDF email reports
  • Productive, active, delays and lateness employee ratings
  • Work timesheets and more…

Employee Productivity Measurement

Each employee, department or company can be assigned separate productivity policies — categorize activity into productive and unproductive.

You can view statistics online in your web-browser or set up to receive daily PDF reports on chosen employees and departments for the previous day.

The system calculates the amount of time spent in productive and unproductive applications and web-sites. All that is not categorized is marked as neutral.

Security Incidents Investigation

StaffCop is a time travel platform! At any point in time, you can go back and see what a particular employee was doing in a specified period.

  • Events Correlation
  • Searching by keywords and regular expressions
  • Relations graphs, heatmaps
  • Graphs of anomalies detection

Cutting-edge technologies for cybersecurity, threat detection and alerting

Filter constructor

Flexible constructor helps to specify various parameters for event filters that include a wide range of data.

Threats analyzer

Automatic analysis of data regarding suspicious activities and searched by regular expressions and keywords.

Event alerts system

In case of a security policy breach, an alert system is triggered and notifications are sent to specified contacts.

Detailed reports

Detailed aggregated reports can be generated. These are irreplaceable tools when analysing a user's activities on a PC.

Search by keywords

A search by specified words enables you to quickly receive information about particular events or group of events.

Flexible system of access rights

Access to data retrieved by StaffCop Enterprise is only allowed via system rights based on permissions, filters and user roles.