StaffCop Standard

StaffCop Standard is corporate security software. StaffCop Standard allows
you to monitor all activities on company computers and prevent
the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.

Main features of StaffCop Standard

Employee monitoring and performance control
StaffCop Standard allows you to effectively detect, prevent, respond, monitor and review any employee activity on company workstations to reduce risks of corporate data loss. Using StaffCop IT professionals thoroughly monitor company resources for existing data leaks or prevent them from occurring in a future.

Screenshot recording


Processes monitoring



Chats/IM monitoring


Search keyword tracking

Social network monitoring

Files and folders monitoring

Clipboard monitoring

Encoded network traffic monitoring

Actions blocking

It is possible to block or allow websites, applications and USB-devices by adding
them to blacklists or whitelists.


USB-devices blocking

Application blocking

Aggregate statistics of work time efficiency

StaffCop Standard aggregates the following statistics: what applications were launched, what websites were visited, and how much time these actions took in both – absolute and relative terms. This will help you to analyze the real work time of your employees.

Report generation

Work time


Why do you need StaffCop?

Real-time employee monitoring
In real-time mode you receive data on: what is displayed on the screen of employee workstation, what processes are launched, what websites are accessed and for how long, whom employee contacts in Skype or via email, what employee is doing in social networks, what keywords employee uses while searching in Google and other search engines, and much more.

Employee performance monitoring
Report Wizard generates detailed reports on employee activity at his or her workstation, and enables admin to detect employee idle time at workplace. All information about employee activities is presented in charts and comparison tables.

Increased motivation
Employees are more motivated to improve their work performance when they are aware that their activities at workstations are monitored. Your employees will spend their work time more efficiently, follow all the corporate rules more closely and handle sensitive corporate data with more responsibility.

Data loss prevention
HTTPS traffic monitoring, interception of emails, Skype & ICQ messages, social network monitoring & more, allows you to detect and prevent data loss or data theft incidents. You will always know who is guilty, because when such incident will occur you will have a solid lead and proof. StaffCop Standard is a data loss prevention and investigation tool. It blocks any attempt to steal sensitive data and helps you to investigate suspicious activities on company workstations.

Parental control & home PC monitoring
You can monitor all activities on your home PC in stealth mode. You will always know what your kid is doing: playing games, studying or browsing suspicious websites. You will be able to monitor social network and Skype activities easily & more.


StaffCop Benefits

All-in-one SolutionStaffCop is an all-in-one system – it monitors PC activity, tracks & logs all the actions, analyzes data and prevents data loss almost automatically.

Technologies tested by thousands of companies
StaffCop was released back in 2006. StaffCop system is used by more than 20 000 companies and 50 000 users.

Easy deployment and comprehensive technical support
Mass-installation of StaffCop Standard takes just a few minutes – even novice PC user can set up and operate StaffCop Standard. Our 24/7 technical support team will gladly consult IT specialists as well as regular users with no technical knowledge at all.

Legally approvedStaffCop does not violate any personal rights of employees.
No legal issues arise when our customers use StaffCop Standard in USA, Europe, or CIS countries. You can include information about employee monitoring in a work contract or in any other additional document.

Affordable one-time price & bonusesStaffCop
Standard pricing starts with $43 per one workstation. We have volume discounts (starting with 2 workstations) and 40% discount for non-profit organizations (including schools, universities, prisons, government organizations and more). StaffCop Standard does not require any additional software or hardware. And every customer gets a one-time license fee with free software updates within a year! Updates are optional and licenses are valid for a life-time.