Founded in 2015, BlackWall Solutions Limited has the safety of data security at heart. We aim to protect and safeguard rather than help recover after the security breach or harm has been done. BlackWall Solutions Limited have solutions for most type of organizations right from the small business to very large enterprises who are keen to protect their data. We are also a pace setter in the development and integration of IBM DataCap solutions, Microsoft SharePoint and PCI Compliance solutions for organisations who want to redact or hide and protect the sensitive data of their clients. Our payment card solutions add another level of authentication to stop fraud and offer a high level of trust from users. We are also a strong developer and implementer of Salesforce solutions.

To provide future proof, user friendly security solutions that enable you to securely work in today’s ever changing digital era without compromising employee productivity.

We strive to help organisations do more & achieve more through delivering security solutions that protects your data and that of your customers while empowering your employees to be more productive and helping your business achieve maximum growth.

Corporate Responsibility
We promise to provide you with the most cost effective solution, specific to your organisation, people, processes & objectives to ensure you get the most from your investment.